Video Production is About More Than Going Viral, Optimize your Video Content for Marketing

Companies have been using video presentations for internal purposes for decades. Things like corporate training videos, client testimonials, and product showcase videos go back to the advent of the VCR. However, in the 21st century, videos are more important than ever in marketing. Marketing video companies are everywhere in the United States, looking to help businesses make the best-looking video content. 

Social media and video hosting platforms have made video the most effective media for marketing. Companies of all sizes are seizing on the trend of video content. Some make in house videos that are effective. Others don’t have the size or the budget to produce quality videos, so they have to partner with an outside video company. These companies realize that spending money with a video production team is a sure way to make even more money. 

So, what is video content marketing? Video content marketing is when companies produce video content to raise their profile and brand awareness online. Videos are usually published to video hosting sites and social media platforms. Marketing video companies are more affordable than ever, and it gets easier and less expensive to make quality videos for the internet every day. 

Here are the top five reasons why video content marketing is so important:

1. Videos explain your goods and services: Customers are more likely to buy your goods or use your services if they understand what they do and how they help. Having a video explain what your product is, why it is necessary, and where to buy it increases the likelihood of a purchase. In one survey, 94 percent of online marketers say video content helped them increase customer understanding of a product or service.

2. Video is a versatile medium: A keenly crafted video for marketing purposes can be used in many ways. Much like good SEO marketing content, a video used as marketing content can be repurposed. Something like an instructional video or a client testimonial can also be a cheap ad for your product or service. Leave it up to a video company to help you make high-quality video content that your company can use again and again.

3. Customers are more likely to engage after viewing a video: From years of scrolling on the internet and watching streaming content, people are conditioned to respond to videos. In fact, customers are most likely to engage your company if you are marketing to them via video.

4. Video is a great return on investment: A common misconception is that videos are expensive to produce. That fact is, thanks to technology, most videos can be produced at a fraction of the cost of their predecessors. Video should fit comfortably in most companies’ marketing budgets, and if it doesn’t, then a shift of resources should happen to allow funding for this type of marketing material. 

5. Video helps with SEO: Most people think that SEO is just about written content. While written content is still a huge part of SEO, video drives more clicks than print. Utilize your videos to drive your company up the internet search results.