How can you have Lebron James’ Beard Style

How can you have Lebron James’ Beard Style?

If I ask you to name a single basketball player, who had scored over 30,000 points, 80,000 assists and 80, 000 rebounds, who would you recall? That’s right, It is none other than Lebron James! This 37 years old superstar is a basketball legend who needs no introduction. Everyone knows him! He is the greatest all-around player of all time, don’t you agree?

There is another world where Lebron is Rocking outside the basketball court. It’s under the chin; it’s Lebron James’ Beard. Since everyone knows what he is and what he has accomplished so far, I have decided to talk about this iconic feature of Lebron. The feature that makes him so Majestic, so recognizable, and so distinguishable from everyone else. So why wait? Let’s hop on!

How can you have Lebron James’ Beard Style

Let’s Talk Lebron James’ Beard

Over 17 years in NBA court, Lebron had not always been like this. Let’s face it, No one had the same beard for a lifetime. Why not have a small tour in the timeline?

A look at the Timeline

Lebron looked nothing less than someone in his 20’s in 2003 when he began his sports career. You will find that baby-faced hard to recognize today’s legend! In the following years, it seemed like he was experimenting quite a sometimes. Until 2010, it seemed like he had a goatee, a clean shave, and even a stache. 

Everything started to settle down after 2010 as he appeared to make up his mind finally. But we did predict it sooner. From fuller to fully shaved a couple of times between 2010 to 2015, Lebron finally let it rest in 2016. 

He sedimented on the Majestic Style we see today! It is called “Chinstrap.” So, let’s talk about it.

What is a Chinstrap Beard?

So, how can I define this majestic beard? In a nutshell, when you do not have a full beard but only there is a strap around your jawline and chin, that is your Chinstrap beard. Following the jawline, there is a thin and sharp line joining ear to ear.

This is not any new invention of the beard. Many famous people have chosen this beard, most notably Lewis Hamilton (British Formula One racing driver), British Rapper Stormzy, Wayne Static, and many others. Even Abraham Lincoln had this respectable and Majestic beard style.

I want that beard! How can I have it?

We all do! But the thing is, having a beard as majestic as Lebron James’ Beard needs hard work and patience. Are you ready? Cool! Firstly you need to grow a full beard. In about 4 months of no shaving, you will get there. 

During this time, do not forget to use moisturizer and beard oil. Now you have to bring it into shape. Use a beard bib to trim your beard or just go to your barber. In the end, comb your beard thoroughly while it’s wet. Now you have Lebron James’ beard.

Last Words

We all have our idols. They give us a sense of inspiration and encouragement. In that sense, having an idol is something positive and needed for personal growth. 

They are the people we look up to. So if your idol is Lebron James and you want to have Lebron James’ Beard, go ahead and have it. All the best!