How Long Does It Take To Get 360 Waves

How Long Does It Take To Get 360 Waves? Things Depend On Some Matters

Do you find your hair too plain and are looking for a distinct style? Then you must go for the 360 waves, an incredible pattern to add impressive beauty to your look. This wave is incredibly popular as it covers most of your scalp and is extremely suitable for all.

But how long does it take to get 360 waves? It’s hard to find a simple answer to this query. It is because 360 waves depends on some specific issues. For example, the texture of your hair, the materials you use, how long and frequently you brush, and most importantly how you nurse them- all these elements matter for the development of waves.

Do you want to add a stylish touch with this hair pattern? If you do, you can get the best guideline below from our experts.

How Long Does It Take To Get 360 Waves?

So, several factors determine the time and quality of growing waves. Our experts tried to find out the ins and outs of its process and made the following outlines to make your effort easy and fast. Let’s zoom in on the keynotes here.

How Long Does It Take To Get Waves With Curly Hair?

Having curly hair means you are blessed most for growing waves. Yet, you have to work and wait at least for several days to see the tender waves on your scalp. This type of hair is perfect for this pattern. In fact, the curlier and longer the hair, the earlier and better the waves will be.

In case you have the hair cut by an expert, use the materials like wave pomade, lotion or moisturizer, brush on a regular basis, and above all treat the hair properly, the waves must grow in the shortest possible time.

No matter how soft, silky or hard your hair is, you have no alternative to brushing them regularly. Besides, you must ensure all the care for them. Only then can you hope to grow the waves at the least possible time.

How Long Would It With Coarse and Short Hair?

Coarse and short hair is not the perfect texture for growing waves, especially this 360-degree pattern. This type of hair would take a much longer time, even more than a month.

But depending on some matters, it may get longer than this. With small curls, you need to be more attentive to the process. The treatments are more or less the same here, but growing waves with this hair requires more patience and nursing. 

Small curls are better in one sense as they produce more waves. But as they are small, you cannot manage them like the long curls. 

How Long Does It Take With And Without A Durag?

As a wave lover, you must know that a durag has no direct connection with waving. What it does is help the hair stay in place and protect them from dirt.

A durag is, in one sense, the savior for the hair. When you are out of home, this cloth saves the hair and waves as well from all the dirt and germs. So, it keeps the hair healthy and thus makes the way for growing waves easy and fast.

Moreover, this material protects the growing waves from being displaced when you sleep and change sides frequently. 

How Much Should I Brush Daily To Grow 360 Waves?

No matter what type of hair you have, or how many extra materials you apply over them, the core instrument for decorating your scalp with waves is to brush, brush and brush. 

But this doesn’t mean that you will brush day and night. You shouldn’t use the brush 3 to 4 times a day. During each session, spend 10 to 2o minutes at max. So, in total, you must maintain this time frame of 60 to 80 minute brushing per day.

If you brush too much, it may hurt the scalp. Besides, you must have a schedule, which can be affected because of this extra time with the brush.

Do Moisturizer And Other Materials Help Grow 360 Waves Fast?

Dehydration is good neither for your hair nor for the waves you look for. But when you brush much, this may result in taking away the natural oil in the scalp and making them dry. So, you need to use materials to keep the hair wet by applying moisturizer.

Moisturizer serves you many things: keep the hair wet, lay them down, and help them grow healthy and controlled. So, you should not hesitate to spend on moisturizing your hair.

How To Grow Waves Fast?

You already know the matters which determine the time and quality of waves. So, you can expedite the result by performing all the relevant activities properly.

For example, meet an expert barber to get the perfect cut. Weigh up the quality of your hair, and accordingly manage the suitable brush and other materials. Make proper sessions and keep brushing regularly following the routine. While you are out of home, wear a durag. Put it on even while sleeping.

Surely, the proper execution of these activities will award you the result in no time.

Final Thought

So, depending on the texture of your hair and the activities you operate over them, the time for growing 360 waves may vary. For instance, long curly hair is better for this style and so they take less time and labor than short and coarse hair. 

Again, brushing is the key to developing this pattern. Run the brush or comb maintaining the proper angles. Less and improper brushing takes more time for shaping the waves. Besides, some materials like conditioner, shampoo and most importantly moisturizer are to be in your possession. Use them properly and regularly to ensure the health and natural growth of both the hair and waves.

Wearing a durag can make things easy for you. Without it, dirt can enter deep into the hair without any barricade and then hamper their health and growth. Moreover, it also saves the hair from being displaced or messed up when you work or sleep.

So, when are you trying this hairstyle?